Louis Armstrong Back in the Day

Louis Armstrong Back in the Day
With His Signature White Handkerchief and Smile

The significance of the blues aesthetic for those who are not professionally conversant in musical notation or the academic discipline of music or jazz history.

Sunday, January 11

Big Mama Thornton

Big Mama Thornton singing "You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog (1965) at The American Folk Blues Festival in Britain with Buddy Guy and John Lee Hooker.  She is always Hot.


Michele Wallace said...

I wrote this.

Barbara Wallace said...

Of course you did. You asked me to post the video. Michele, it's your project. I was helping to get the materials posted, or so I thought.

Michele Wallace said...

Barbara, don't be so sensitive. THis music belongs to all of us. That's my feeling about it. That's why it is so easy to get it.