Louis Armstrong Back in the Day

Louis Armstrong Back in the Day
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The significance of the blues aesthetic for those who are not professionally conversant in musical notation or the academic discipline of music or jazz history.

Monday, January 19

The Temptations

(I Know) I'm Losing You with lead sung by David Ruffin, which became number 1 on the Billboard Chart in 1966.

The saga of The Temptations is an extraordinary one of perseverance, fame and tragedy combined with superlative talent and ability. The group rose to the very top of r&b accomplishment and continue to perform today despite the loss of all but one of the legendary members of the 60s. The songs, themselves--My Girl, I Wish It Would Rain and others--together with the uniquely smooth performance style continues to epitomize the African American blend of blues, rock and roll, 60s dance and fashion (even more so than The Supreme in my opinion), which has been exported and translated into cultural forms throughout the world.

David Ruffin My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me) 1969. This song was released at the focal point of David Ruffin's solo career after his 1968 expulsion from The Temptations.


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Barbara Wallace said...

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