Louis Armstrong Back in the Day

Louis Armstrong Back in the Day
With His Signature White Handkerchief and Smile

The significance of the blues aesthetic for those who are not professionally conversant in musical notation or the academic discipline of music or jazz history.

Wednesday, March 25

60s and 70s Blues Miscellaneous


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This selection begins with Amy Winehouse doing a cover of "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" written by Carole King back in the day.  Beautifully done.  See further discussion at:
This is followed by the Shirelles version from 1961.  Makes me think about Vietnam and all the boys leaving their girlfriends one last time.
Howling Wolf, "How Many More Years" at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1966.
Big Mama Thorton performing Hound Dog with Buddy Guy at the Blues Festival in London in 1965.
Koko Taylor and Little Walter doing Wang Dang Doodle at the 1967 Blues Festival in London.
Little Walter singing his hit "My Baby."
The list winds up with several pieces of Abby Lincoln singing through the years, more recently in a documentary I've never seen elsewhere (hope it gets released) and in 1966 with Max Roach in Baden Baden, including the Freedom Suite.  Also there are two clips of Max Roach doing his classic Drum Waltz more recently before his death and in 1966 in Baden Baden. 

This is a great selection of stuff, if I do say so myself, to which I hope to add further.

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