Louis Armstrong Back in the Day

Louis Armstrong Back in the Day
With His Signature White Handkerchief and Smile

The significance of the blues aesthetic for those who are not professionally conversant in musical notation or the academic discipline of music or jazz history.

Saturday, October 13

Raymond Myles: One of My All Time Favorites

Years and years ago when I was asking to write liner notes for Aretha Franklin's Early Years, he also asked me to write about an album by Raymond Myles, gospel singer.  It's an album I still have and have always treasured.  Somehow the writing never took place and this person faded from my life. But I was thrilled to find just recently a vimeo video about Myle's life and song, the Gospel Genius of New Orleans.  Myles have everything I have grown to expect from New Orleans music--the great outfits, the wonderful hair, the absolute African-nesque abandonment into and out of the music.  I am taking this clip from NewBlackMan (in Exile), which is a blog Mark Anthony Neal's indispensible blog, including comments from the notorious poet and music commentator Kalamu.


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